Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commercial blog

I picked a Ford commercial from 2008.

Most of this commercial takes place inside a crash test lab, where we can see researchers make modifications on cars, the crash dummies, and the track. The whole commercial there is a narrator who is commentating on how ford makes sure that their "systems" in their cars are the safest on the road. The narrator also describes how quickly an accident can happen, making sure the viewer knows that safety should be a big concern on the road. The narrator then lists off the awards for safety the car has gotten, and then continues to show multiple crash runs to show us how the car reacts in the event of a crash. The commercial ends with by showing us cars on the actual road and telling us how safe all of these cars are.

The obvious appeal they are trying to make here is the need to feel safe. The whole commercial is based upon that you want to be safe in the event of a crash, and ford is the safest car on the market. I think this appeal is a very effective approach to a car commercial because being safe while driving is a huge concern to everyone, especially parents who are buying a car for their 16 year old son or daughter to drive.

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