Thursday, February 3, 2011


In Beverly Gross’s “Bitch” Gross talks about the word bitch, and evaluates how the word as changed meaning in different situations and over time. She begins by speak about how the word bitch is conventionally used only by men meant to insult or degrade women. However, the original meaning of the word is a female dog. She then cites multiple definitions from dictionaries all of which differ slightly but have the same general meaning of, a malicious woman. She also talks about how the word bitch also is used when a man feels threatened to his masculinity. Gross then gives various examples of how people have used the word bitch publicly. She cites Barbra Bush, Esquire and other sources and how they used the word bitch.

While reading this I realized that I mostly associated the word bitch with “bitchiness” or incredibly annoying, nagging, or very mean. I've heard the word bitch used in many contexts, including just referring to women in general and not meant to be insulting at all. However the most common way I've heard it used is mainly referring to a women who is mean or ill spirited.    

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